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Private Coaching

Kelly Harrigan  Yogi  - Sue Rumack is one of the most important people in my life's journey  Her ability to see challenges as growth opportunities and to know exactly how to highlight my strengths is uncanny.  She has crystal clear insight that has helped me navigate the many potholes showing up in my life right now.  Without Sue's guidance and support, I would not have been able to identify my life purpose with such ease and efficiency, nor would I have been able to get through one the darkest times in my life with such grace and harmony.  I owe Sue my undying gratitude and highly recommend her coaching to everyone!  THANK YOU Universe for giving us Sue Rumack!  The world needs thousands more just like her! 

Life Purpose Coaching

Grace Toleque - Jewellery Designer, Toronto  (emergency life purpose coaching) 

Sue, I do not know how to thank  you for getting me through this devastating time in my life.  In the past 6 weeks, you have taught me the tools to not only uncover my hidden strengths to deal with these family emergencies but also helped me to deeply clear the old patterns that kept me believing I was destined to be the victim my whole life.  Specifically you taught me to read the body sensations which always precede my fear driven decisions. You showed me how reading my own body sensations is a powerful tool in growing conscious awareness.  This gives me room for the "pause" I desperately need to gather my best strengths to fight my battles.  You showed me simple methods to get grounded and gathered, feeling in control of every room before I even enter to do battle for my son and myself.   Thank you for changing my life when I was ready to give up.  

Mirror Coaching

Dr. Danielle Gilas -  Chiropractor,  Toronto (3 year client)

As I continue to manifest success in my life and career I have Sue Rumack to thank for her experience, feedback and tools to create the support I need to dive into the next phase.  This past week was pivotal for me, as stress was becoming a physical distraction.  I was stressing over rebuilding a productive business and personal life as I was working my way through separation from my 10 year marriage.  With the separation, many projects on the go AND  my second chiropractic office soon to open,  I need to sort out where I fit into all of this.  After my  first session with Sue, over 3 years ago now, the BIG picture came back into focus.  I am on track with my goals, realizing that I was exactly where I had said I wanted to be. Over the years Sue has used all her coaching programs from grounding exercises, clearing meditations, emotional literacy, life purpose coaching plus emotional literacy and, and journaling.  The homework is always transformational.  It never ceases to amaze me the power of these coaching processes.  Sue's skills and expertise has changed my life.  I refer her to friends and clients and will continue to do so. 

Testimonials that make your heart sing:

Soul Coaching

Cindy Buim, Naturally You Esthetics,  Toronto  ( 2 year client)

....Sue's guidance and keen listening skills combined with her intuitive gift make her a clear and strong  communicator who has enhanced my life immensely.  These past two years have been full of growth, stability and confidence because of my regular discussions with Sue.  She "get's it" right away!!! And guides you with ease and grace, with no discomfort.  This week, I needed Sue's support once again (I'm on maintenance programs).  I did not feel rooted, I felt off kilter and wanted to be rid of this mild agitation in order to move forward with a deeper sense of grounding,  I called Sue.  This time the work was quite different.  We worked with reconnecting with my Soul Essence. We were defining the essence of ME, something I had never done.  Within one half hour, I had a very special sense of who I really am! It was a very beautiful and gratifying feeling. Then we moved on to balance my Chakras in a way that I have never worked before.  We used my entire soul essence to balance them... I was looking and working from the outside in and the inside out!  When complete, I felt so calm, energized, much more grounded and definitely more self aware!

... Sue stays  calm and stays with you every moment. She does not waste a moment.  She is so gentle and yet deeply intuitive.  I feel her gifted coaching skills continuing to develop over time. 

This is very exciting work.  Sue works quickly. She listens deeply and is guided to do her work with the deepest of love.. to bring you at One with Yourself and the Universe.

Emotional Literacy Coaching

Janet Aizenstros,  CEO JAOM,  Toronto (2 year client)er

Sue Rumack is a phenomenal dedicated coach who gently  guides clients step by step through making the necesaysary changes to live a more emotionally conscious life.  I felt the effects of her Emotional Literacy program immediately.  My attraction and activation factor has become magnetic. The transformation experienced through this form of coaching has completely revolutionized my life and I recommend it to everyone I meet.