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Life or Death

Radio Interview

SoulDancer's Story

Get up close and personal listening in as Sue shares her childhood growing up not even realizing she was channeling messages for humanity.  

Recommended Reading

With SPECIAL PERMISSION direct from Neale Donald Walsh: 

For Enlightenment

Home With God, Neale Donald Walsh,  click title  or copy link 


When Everything Changes, Change Everything, Neale Donald Walsh, click title or copy link


For Children               Happiness Doesn't Come from Headstands, Tamara Levitt, click title or copy link


For Youth                      Empowered YOUth,  Jeffery and Michael Eisen,  click title or copy link


For Spiritual Seekers of All Ages

The Pulse of Awakening, How To Connect With Soul and Life Purpose,  Sue Rumack, SoulDancer
                                          click title or copy link

For Transitioning Through Grief   

Daddy, this is it, Being-with My Dying Dad,  Julie Saeger-Nierenberg   click title or copy link



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Coaching is a gift you choose to give yourself.  

If you are ready to start living your largest life, loving with your whole soul and getting total love back, you are ready for coaching. 

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