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Your Conscious Voice

One on One coaching


What is it that makes private coaching so enticing?  Is it privacy, confidentiality OR the need to be heard, validated and gently guided without distraction to the solution which is uniquely yours?


How will one on one coaching work for you?


Private coaching is more than VIP treatment, individual attention, and hand-holding.  Private coaching focuses on specific tools custom designed for YOU to finally release those issues that may have kept you stuck for years. 


It is about having a coach available when you slip unconsciously into resistance to and avoidance of the puzzle piece that could untangle your future success from old patterns.  


 Soul coaching is about showing you how to trust your internal guidance system to lead you through life's mine fields. 

  • learn how to ask yourself the right questions so you lead yourself to the most empowering answers.  
  • discover how to trust your intuition and inner conversations  
  • get your own customized process for creating simple solutions to old issues
  • uncover your solid life foundation by reconnecting to your most basic values 
  • creating trust for existing strengths that never let you down
  • designing a decision making process you can trust by connecting your strengths to your values in ways that validate who you are