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Life Purpose Coaching

I so greatly appreciate you.  I have really enjoyed our conversations and feel a tremendous sense of connection.  You have a tremendous gift of insight, clarity and compassion to offer each and every one of your coaching clients.  I have worked with a number of coaches and you stand head and shoulders above most.  You have a wonderful balanced approach that combines deep heart based wisdom with clear observation in the moment.  You help people connect the dots and draw their own conclusions, empowering them to create their own powerful solutions.  

Tania Von Allman, The Symbolist,  Wailuku, Hawaii

Conscious Voice,  One on One Coaching

Mirror Coaching / Emotional Literacy Coaching

....  Because we had done the emotional literacy visualization about negative emotion and had already named it and unpacked it, I was much more aware of what was happening.  I understood that I needed to disengage from that.  I noticed I was acting in response to the backlash of emotion, so using your Emotional Literacy Method, I focused my attention on dealing with unpacking my feelings instead of blaming the other person.  This was good for the relationship.  Thank you very much for the work you are doing.  It is a huge contributor to my personal growth, and comes at exactly the right time for me. 

Darlene Chrissley,  Master Coach, Creative Being, Author of Conversations for Power and Possibility, Burlington

Conscious Voice,  One on One Coaching

Mirror CoachingEmotional Literacy CoachingLife Purpose Coaching

Sue, it's pretty amazing the number of positive events that have happened since we started working together.  You came into my life at the right time.  I came to you to clear the chaos and confusion between my creative side and my career.  In less than 3 months you helped me accomplish this and so much more that I never expected.  Using your Mirroring and Emotional Literacy coaching methods, I learned to communicate my value and strengths as a team leader.  I finally understand how to set boundaries in my career and personal life that reflect my deepest values and still show respect for others.  As a direct result of your recent crisis intervention coaching, I received the best annual review of my career as a team leader, have solidified my reputation with both my team and upper management and now communicate in a less judgmental and harsh way.  On a personal note... I have more joy and satisfaction in all parts of my life, with my husband and my mother because I am no longer my own harshest critic.  I learned to love myself with your most unusual processes. 

I am so happy I did not shy away from the opportunity of working with you.  Sue, your coaching style and who you are has made all the difference. 

Sandra G.,  IT Human Resources Team Leader,  Toronto

Leap the Charisma Gap, Seminar

I had not heard the term Business Charisma and was intrigued.  My business and I were in transition, I was doing research as to possible avenues to take my business in and working on my own personal/professional development.  In less than two hours, I learned that my business and myself were separate entities and that I had viewed that I had viewed them as one -  this was a grave mistake.  This old pattern was creating stress in my work life and my personal life.  I also learned that there are three distinct energies I am always creating... positive, negative and invisible and to be mindful as to which one I am emanating. a

Six months later, everything has changed for the better.  My entire perspective of myself and my business has changed.  Everything has improved.  My stress level has gone down and I know I have two distinct views and plans for how I want to live my life and how I want to run my business for peace, happiness and success in both!     Marci Schnapp-Raphael,  President TeamQuest Systems, Toronto


Group Coaching

I Am Change From Within  Tele-coaching Group

2010 - 2011  .....  What a difference two months of concentrated work in personal self development can make!  ... an experience to remember for the rest of my life.  So many new changes in such a short span of time, it's quite remarkable.  I came to you as an introvert, unable to look in the mirror and I've come to appreciate and honour the many qualities I never even realized were inside me.  Now I live my life in a safe and honest way... being honest, loving and forgiving myself and being creative and spiritual... not to be afraid to trust myself and trusting my intuition more.  My self confidence and self esteem are growing everyday.. I've notice many people now approach me in a more positive way... more eager to get to know me.  I feel more empowered and am eagerly looking forward to doing more for others.  With this new feeling of empowerment... I have noticed with amazement how this need for connectedness with others has become. Thank you Sue for helping me to become a positive, welcoming, joyful woman eager to meet others.   Vicki J.  Billing Specialist,  Toronto

Updated 2011....   Vicki has enrolled to become a psychotherapist specializing in working with Introverts.