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Mirror Coaching 

Tools for reversing negative experiences

 short term, one-on-one coaching to specific situations 


Negative experiences are way too common and self-sabotage rules success! 

Mirror Coaching  teaches you how anticipate and reverse potential negatives into positive outcomes.  

With the coach holding your hand, you easily rewrite old history that keeps replaying in new situations very effectively keeping your stuck:

  • learn techniques to retire the guilt that keeps you awake nights
  • practice reversing self-sabotaging behaviour until it's gone
  • breakthrough mental blocks with new empowering truths about yourself.  
  • discovering which strengths already exist to build strong decision making   

             Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life


  • Mirror Coaching is ideal if you need tools to work with colleagues, manage colourful relatives, negotiate living space with teenagers, repair and renew love, and even define and manifest your soul mate
  • Mirror Coaching is the short term solution to manage specific situations that ends up providing long term, lifetime tools to manage your future.