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      What happens when you don't  know your life  purpose?

  A   Without fully knowing your over-arching purpose,  you have  no    solid foundation to handle life's  challenges! 


life Purpose coaching

Is it OK to have more than one life purpose?

What happens when you don't know your life purpose?

Ask any little kid what they want to be when they grow up and chances are that without hesitation they will shoot right back with an answer and a reason why.   We grow up, our lives get noisy... we forget why we are here and what we are supposed to so we live every day feeling "right in our own skins". 

Is it OK to have more than one life purpose?   Short answer is YES!  However, most leadership gurus would vote in favour of the single life purpose as the hook for why a person will work so hard focussing on success.  But from both the soul conversation and real life perspectives, I disagree.  And here's why...

Imagine having a life where you would only ever have one job with no distractions  because you have no family, friends, recreation, past or future?  This life qualifies for a single life purpose scenario!

The single life purpose scenario is not realistic but if you try to define a single formalized life purpose statement specifically designed to meet your present life criteria you may get very stressed and confused.  The answer is that we have multiple life purposes each associated with its own life event category and each evolving in the present moment, all at the same time!  Confusing... Absoulutely!  YES!!

Life Purpose Coaching Moment:

The secret is to take each life category and define your life purpose for that category at the present moment.  Eventually, the bigger picture will evolve.  Your life purpose coach guides you through this process gently, as you feel your way into your over-arching life purpose that makes sense  giving permission to live your life harmoniously.


Take-Away Learning:  

When you don't know your over-arching life purpose stress levels soar, decision making, goal setting and successful goal completion become internal battle zones and self trust is non-existent.