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Ignite your own soul power by Journaling

Begin with a coach guide, then fly solo and love the feeling of soaring free!.

Journal Coaching 

putting thoughts to paper creates clarity 


Does Journaling really need a coach.....    YES   or    NO? 

Message from Sue Rumack, SoulDancer and soul coach: 

When I first started journaling as a newly divorced woman racked by spinning thoughts that kept me sleepless for months, the solution was to haul my sleep deprived body out of bed and begin to write down everything that was spiraling through my very confused brain.  AND it worked. 

The first time I tried this was 4am. I wrote for over an hour, spilling everything onto the page and finally falling into bed finally clear. Strangely I awoke refreshed at 7:30am.  The next night 2am, I wrote for a little less time.  The content of that entry was entirely different from the first, but it relieved my mind by emptying it, and again I awoke refreshed.  The third night 11pm before getting into bed I began to write.  That night I slept like a baby, for a full eight hours. This became my healing and clarity pattern.  

Back then, I didn't have a coach because life coaching was not yet a profession and every therapist I approached said I was too emotionally healthy for a therapist.  Three therapists turned me down when I begged for support. For years, I wrote endlessly to relieve my emotional overdrive, clarify my insight, and eventually to reconnect with the soul that had been waiting to re-join me in amazing conversations.  I used journaling to connect my soul, myself and Source.  Eventually, I began to live my purpose in small ways because I could finally see a path. 

Do you need a Journaling Coach?  Not really. however, having a guide who knows how to get you started, and helps you design questions that make meaning out of the answers means you won't be spending years bashing yourself, blaming others or spinning your wheels repeating"the same old, same old" experiences.   Your coach is the shortcut to cutting years off your spiritual journey and to taking control of your life.  

Soul Journaling can start as a group workshop - an inexpensive way to build your support community. 

Soul Journaling can be a private one-on-one with your coach. 

From my personal and professional experience Journaling saves lives.  ~ SoulDancer