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How would your life change if you found YOUR tribe?

Group Coaching

Building Your Community


Group coaching is the economical, empowering way to find your own voice in the

company of like minded people who are also searching for the same grounded

connection as you. 

All coaching is conducted either through private free telephone lines, Skype, or webinars.  All coaching sessions are recorded (MP3 downloads) and archived for future review.

All coaching conversations are private and confidential whether conducted one-on-one or within the group dynamic.  We respect your privacy, therefore all Group members are required to sign a non-disclosure privacy agreement before the group begins it's first session.


Some people feel that they have never fit in.  There is no one who sees them for who they really are or values them for the gifts they bring to the world.  Group coaching provides the framework for you to build your own community of like minded people willing and eager to live more fully, enjoy more deeply and find fulfillment in everything you do. 

Group coaching topics might include:

  • The Language of Loving Relationships
  • Turning Self Sabotage into Self Empowerment 
  • Transitioning Through Grief
  • Setting Boundaries to Build Self Respect in Relationships and Career 


The above are only a few of the topics covered in Webinar based group coaching.