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The Truth About emotional literacy

Emotional Literacy goes beyond other personality profiling systems by teaching solutions:

  • simple techniques to anticipate and reprogram default emotions like fear, procrastination, guilt, and anger, etc.
  • repatterning neural pathways that painlessly change behaviour patterns
  • repatterning and embedding new spontaneous emotional reactions in support of positive thinking, positive action taking, self approval and trust.

The Truth About Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling is ideal for categorizing why you do what you do and most profiling is uncannily correct.

The PROBLEM with profiling is that many people then give away responsibility for their own behaviour sadly settling for a future locked into a preset pattern. 

Emotional Literacy

Know your stress triggers 

Learn to use those triggers to ignite successful reactions

Emotion drives every human action


  • From bedroom to boardroom, from classroon to courtroom, becoming "emotionally literate" in "reading" your OWN emotions is the first step to every successful relationship.


How YOU react is how you are judged. 

Success Cycle

Reaction = Action = Judgement (self and other) =  Success / Failure  


Knowing your triggers gives you:

  • self-trust to make empowered choices quickly
  • process to change old emotional defaults of blame, shame, guilt and fear
  • proof that you are not prisoner of your emotions
  • proof that you can change your life