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Remember WHO you are, as you gently unfold the issues that have kept you stuck.  Learn how to ground yourself back into your own soul.  Step by step, customized soul remembrance techniques that connect you to your own guides and angels for your life affirming questions and definitive answers. 


Life Purpose Coaching

Learn the tools to discover your larger life purpose so that you can effectively distinguish how each immediate life purpose leads back to your larger goal and then WALK that path every day!

Journal Coaching 

​Ideal for those who need to write their feelings and then uncover the hidden meanings.  Learn how to find the meaningful threads, connect the dots and get your own answers.  Connect with your own guides and trust the messages. 


Book Sue to speak at your next meeting or function as keynote, workshop leader, or seminar provider.  Get excited about sharing in Soul Connection  


Motivational, Relationship, Youth, Educational Choices,Entrepreneur

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Group Coaching 

Get the community, the support and the empowerment tools to change your life. Group coaching is the most cost effective, stress free, non-threatening environment to beginners to New Age concepts.  If you are curious, but cautious this coach facilitated experience will walk you through simple soul connection concepts that get you so comfortable within your skin and then leave the next step coaching choices up to you.    

Private Coaching

Private telephone conversations including confidential replay archives focus on creating simple, lasting solutions to your life defining issues. Positive energy  soul coaching gives permission to successfully make the changes needed to let go of old sabotaging patterns so you can live life fully awake and joyful. 


Emotional Literacy

Re-birthing powerful emotions from self sabotage into empowerment. Using emotion to anticipate old patterns, change reactions, build self trust in decision making for life's plans, relationships and careers. Change your thoughts ~ Change your life!

Mirror Coaching

Learn how to reflect the positive aspects of life while reversing the negative memories, creating new neural pathways that change how you make life defining decisions.  Your coaching goal is to build a strong new reliable, self-trust, self-worth based life foundation.