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Angelic FootPrint messages are fully facilitated using Resource tools available in every book. The above video is an example of how the tools art used to fully uncover the best of who you are as a human in a very human world.

Angelic FootPrints Book One: BEING-NESS
What tools do you need to battle overwhelm?

Being human in a human world screams for superhuman power tools to do battle with the overwhelm of everyday life. Thirty channelled angelic messages get to the heart of overwhelm with each and every thought expanding statement. Experience what in the moment really means. Dive into the lightness of being in the moment, and then flow into enlightenment with the darkness of being in a different moment. Experience the reflection of wholeness in the echo of nothingness. Journey through solitude into Self. Observe your own truth cutting through life’s confusion.

This book is for all those who work so hard at finding their way back to Heaven-on-Earth that they sometimes forget Heaven isn't a destination; it is a lifestyle. Which part of you are you searching for in this complicated and chaotic world? BEING-NESS delivers the clearest and least confusing trustworthy version of your Self once you give permission to take the journey.

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111 Angelic Messages to Lighten the Burden of Being Human in a Human World.

Message #8 Vulnerability(partial message)
Vulnerability is the crack in the armour of experience...

Vulnerability is a gift.
Vulnerability breaches perception.
Vulnerability cracks open the hardest heart

Vulnerability is the silent warrior...
Vulnerability is the silent coward...

Vulnerability breaches the walls of resistance...
Vulnerability strips naked your spirit...
     Vulnerability stirs your soul.
     Hope broadens the crack
     Love shines through the slit
     Naivety hides in the crevice...

You are never alone...

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