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Soul Dancer  ~  Sue Rumack 

about The Author  

Sue Rumack wrote this book because people need hope.  She believes that destinies can be changed when people have the keys to remembering who they have always been, why they are here and the work they are here to do in this lifetime. Sue has seen how personal shift back into alignment with Soul and Source empowers people to live fully alive and awake. She believe this because she lives it herself and in her role as life/soul coach she has guided many others to successfully do the same.

Sue Rumack is about as ordinary as anyone can get... except for one unique gift!   Aside from all the stuff regular folk naturally are, she has never disconnected from Soul the way most people do in childhood.  Yes... she has grieved the loss of loved ones,  Yes... she has raised kids and weathered the humanity of divorce with it's loss of identity and eventual rebirth.  Yes... she has more than once almost lost her life to illness AND she definitely knows how precious life is. Yes... she celebrates her children, grandchildren and every tiny piece of life itself... however, most importantly to the value this book has for YOU, is that Sue is an intuitive empath and an open channel to Soul and Source.  Sue remembers the language of Soul, teaching it to others with the pure joy of connection.  In this book she shares not only her personal stories but also channeled messages from The Soul Guardians and their teachings on soul connection for the beginner and expert alike.  Sue Rumack has been described as the modern equivalent of the age old "village wise woman".    


Lightworkers all over this planet are working towards the global energy shift necessary to end the chaos of conflict running rampant in the world. The channeled messages and strategies included in Sue's writing and teaching are being added to the growing arsenal of global energy shifting tools presented by equally enlightened souls.  

Sue Rumack is an author, motivational speaker, channeler, intuitive empath and Soul Coach.  Sue is a passionate seeker of enlightenment through the question and answer sessions she initiates with Soul AND the teaching sessions initiated by The Soul Guardians.  

about The Book

The Pulse of Awakening is the "How-To" book that simplifies, systematizes and almost magically empowers the reader's search for soul and life purpose.  This book is the basic beginner book for making sense of how, why, where and when the human "being" and the soul connect, and then how that connection jumps straight to Source (God).  Gentle exercises finally take the reader into HOW they are in relationship with The Universe. Real life stories sharing how this information came to light lead the reader from info byte to info byte. Considering how soul connection is what most people unconsciously crave, this simple little book hands those looking for answers, easy tools to explore the first steps to re-open their own birthright connection in privacy at their leisure.

Adding to the excitement are new insights into soul contracts (life blueprints), how and when they are created including instruction on how to use them to make sense out of the confusion of modern life. Soul is waiting patiently to have one-on-one conversations with you, and for those who are ready, this book lays out exactly how to keep the lifetime conversation going.    The Pulse of Awakening Look Inside

Seekers will find the tools to trust life purpose so that they will stop feeling lost, confused or frustrated about how they show up in life. The goal of this book is to to provide the keys to soul conversations that re-awaken trust to live life as it was intended to be lived with joy, love and harmony. 

Do you remember where your soul's portal is and which key opens it?