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Your Soul is waiting for you to reach out to start "the conversation" that will change your life...

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Get what you need to feel complete, connected and communicating with your life purpose:

You have questions. This book has simple, logical, stress free answers you can identify with.  Our support of your spiritual journey continues long after having finished reading the book. 

This BOOK, even provides additional coaching support,  with options from easy access free telephone lines for 1:1 or group coaching to online webinars.  We really are here for YOU! 

                                   Too good to be true? 

I am Sue Rumack, SoulDancer, soul coach.  I am inviting you to check out  How we support YOU 

The Book​: The Pulse of Awakening: How To Connect With Soul and Life Purpose

Who AM I?  Why am I here? 

Finally, New Age spirituality explained without the jargon or mysticism that scares most people. This book walks you through: Who you are and Why you are here in this lifetime.      

What is more important than feeling good in your skin - guilt free, fully awake, and alive - enjoying life to the fullest. So why aren't you? 

Isn't it time you connected 1:1 for the soul deep conversations with Source that will satisfy your need to know WHY you are here?  

If you haven't already taken a moment to look inside this gentle soul connecting manual pleaseClick HERE

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You've read the book.  Now what?  Discover support every other How-To book is missing...
Keep the pulse of awakening beating strongly even if you aren't ready for the book.


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